Via negative acknowledgements sent in a PeSIT Hors SIT message, the final partner signals to the initial sender of the file that application errors were detected.

If the initial sender does not support this function, as in earlier versions of Transfer CFT, the final partner does not transmit the negative acknowledgement and the Transfer CFT log file displays:

CFTT93W PART=XFB1 IDS=00008 Negative ack not supported by server


[ NACK = { YES | NO | ANY } ]

This parameter enables or disables the NACK feature in either a partner or protocol definition. To enable the use of NACK when connecting to other products, set the parameter NACK to YES in the CFTPROT or CFTPART objects. Set NACK to ANY to accept the partner's definition for NACK usage.

The CFTPART NACK value overrides the CFTPROT NACK value.

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