Housekeeping for statistical files

Transfer CFT extracts certain details for each transfer that you perform if you have defined the account (ACCNT) feature. This information is stored in a statistical file if you have defined TYPE = FILE. To manage the contents of this file, you can specify two criteria in the CFTACCNT object to trigger a switch (MAXREC and SWITCH).

Automatic SWITCH 

You can customize the switch procedure depending on your production needs. The symbolic variable &FACCNT represents the statistical file.

Note At least one of the two files (either the statistical or alternate statistical file) must be empty prior to starting Transfer CFT.

This example automatically executes the switch procedure at noon.

CFTACCNT ID=ACCNT0,TYPE=FILE,EXEC=<switch_procedure>,SWITCH=120000

Manual SWITCH 

To manually execute the switch procedure, use the command:


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