Full catalog listing

In this example of the LISTCAT parameter content is defined as full. Each field displayed is identified by a number which references the associated comment. The display differs according to the CONTENT and NPART parameters.

See also Listing catalog contents.

For DIAGI and DIAGP refer to: Codes, Diagnostics and Messages .




CFTU20I CFT Windows

CFTU20I Version 3.1.2 20140428

CFTU20I (C) Copyright AXWAY 1989-2014

CFTU20I ====> Starting Session on 20/03/2015 Time is 11:30:25

CFTU20I Parameters file :C:\Axway\Transfer_CFT\runtime\data\cftparm

CFTU20I Partners file :C:\Axway\Transfer_CFT\runtime\data\cftpart

CFTU20I Catalog file :C:\Axway\Transfer_CFT\runtime\data\cftcata


0 record(s) selected

10000 record(s) in Catalog file

10000 record(s) free (100%)

CFTU00I LISTCAT _ Correct ()

CFTU20I Number of Command(s) 1

CFTU20I Number of error(s) 0

CFTU20I Ending Session on 20/03/2015 Time is 11:30:26

CFTU20I Session active for 0:00:00

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