Display product information

Use the ABOUT command

Use the ABOUT command to display the Transfer CFT product, host, and key information. This command displays the characteristics of the platform on which Transfer CFT is installed.


[ COMMENT = string ]

[ TYPE = { ALL | HOST | CFT } ]


Parameter Description


Free comment.

This comment is displayed and can be used to indicate a specific item of information, such as the customer name.

This information is then used to determine a software license key.

Use the CFTTELL program

UNIX and Windows only

This executable file retrieves system information, for example information needed to request a key. To use CFTTELL:

  • Navigate to the <CFTDIRINSTALL>/bin directory
  • Run cfttell

CFTTELL options

  • TARGET: lists the target platform
  • VERSION: returns the Transfer CFT version if Transfer CFT is installed
  • HOSTINFO: lists the OS, Transfer CFT version, and related host and machine details


C:\projects> cfttell target


C:\projects> cfttell version


C:\projects> cfttell hostinfo
CFT version : 3010
Target : win-x86-32
Processor architecture : x64
Processor type : Intel/AMD X8664
Processor ID :
Number of processors : 2
OS release : Windows Seven Service Pack 1
OS version : 6.1.7601
Host name : ITEM-53707

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