Transfer CFT 3.1.3 Release Notes

Document version: 17 December 2014

New features and enhancements

Central Governance management services

Axway Central Governance, the Axway 5 Suite management application, provides a set of services for administering Transfer CFTs on UNIX, Windows, z/OS, and IBM i systems. Central Governance features a cohesive and intuitive user interface that allows you to:

  • Manage the configuration, access logs, and perform operational tasks for your Transfer CFT.
  • Renew certificates.
  • Deploy and apply service packs and patches. UNIX/Windows only

Major evolutions

  • The working directory feature lets you specify a directory other than the default directory (the runtime directory) to use for file transfer flows. This product enhancement facilitates FTP replacement, as Transfer CFT mimics FTP behavior and uses a parameter that is similar to the FTP home directory.
  • Transfer CFT leverages the use of a shared disk as a transfer medium, to provide end-to-end visibility along with native product tracking capabilities.
  • IBM i now supports IASP (Independent auxiliary storage pool).

Security features

  • A new command PKIENTITY enables you enlarge the list of certificate authority IDs for each security configuration.
  • New security parameters allow you to disable SSL 3.0.

Product enhancements

  • Added an execution policy for EXECE scripts (as already exist for EXEC scripts).
  • Added a new policy that manages the behavior when sending a group of files using an indirection file.
  • Added a new internal log rotation procedure.
  • Added a new UCONF parameter, cft.server.transfer.raise_error_when_exec_not_found, to improve the file layer service reliability.
  • Created a new keyword, _NONE_, which allows you to disable the execution of certain CFTPARM general configuration procedures.
  • Added the new value FTYPE = J supports large records for text files.

Platform support

Transfer CFT 3.1.3 is available on the following platforms:

  • UNIX/Windows
  • z/OS
  • IBM i
  • OpenVMS

Platform features

This table lists supported product features according to platform.

Functionality Operating System
Windows Unix z/OS IBM i OpenVMS
Central Governance X X X X  
SP and patch deployment via Central Governance X X      
Multi-node architecture X X X * X
Secure Relay X X X X  
FIPS X X      
IPv6 X X X X X
pTCP X X      
UDT X **      
TrustedFile (PGP S-MIME CMS) *** X X    

Enabled for the following platforms:

* Only one host

** Only applies to Linux-x86-32, Linux-x86-64, Linux-ia64 (64 bit)

*** Only applies to Windows-x86-32


Supported file systems for multi-node architecture

Operating system Supported
Linux-x86 GPFS, NFSv4
Solaris NFSv4
Windows-x86 CIFS
z/OS Sharing DASD across Sysplex


This section lists the Transfer CFT 3.1.3 limitations.

Multi-node architecture restrictions:

  • Bandwidth control is calculated by node.
  • Accounting statistics are generated by node.
  • Nodes are not automatically re-balanced when a host is recovered after a failure.
  • Duplicate file detection is not supported.
  • Mailbox communication media are not supported.
  • Multiple file communication media are not supported.
  • You cannot use Central Governance to apply SP and patches to a multi-node environment.

Secure Relay restrictions:

  • Not operational in a Transfer CFT multi-node architecture.
  • Does not support the Transfer CFT acceleration option (pTCP / UDT).

Additional Transfer CFT IBM i limitations:

  • The userctrl functionality is not operational on IFS.
  • Copy using a shared disk is presently not available.

Known issues

This section describes known issues for Transfer CFT 3.1.3.

  • Requester-Receiver transfers with the option File=All fail with Diagi=414 and Diagp="OUT TIME" if the Maxdate parameter is defined. This issue will be fixed in 3.1.3 SP1.
  • IBM i - COMS on multi-node is presently not operational.

Discontinued support

Changing technologies as well as evolution in our customers systems, drives the need for Axway to modify or discontinue support for some features. The following list summarizes deprecated function for Transfer CFT version 3.


  • API CICS [z/OS]
  • VFM


  • Composer for Transfer CFT
  • Transfer CFT Navigator

Networks and protocols

  • Networks: LU62, SNA, DSA, X.25, and DNA
  • Protocol: ETEBAC

Transfer CFT z/OS

As of version 3.1.3, Transfer CFT z/OS no longer uses the SAS/C compiler. This results in the removal of interfaces specifically used by the SAS/C objects, such as the USERAPI module. Therefore, Transfer CFT API access is now done via a call to the DLL. Consequently, this constraint requires a slight modification to the source code; for example, you must use a Language Environment (LE) conforming Assembler.

To assist users in understanding and implementing, EXIT and API samples in Assembler, C, and COBOL are delivered with Transfer CFT version 2.7.x and higher.

Operating systems

  • AIX 5.3
  • SUSE 9 on s390 architecture
  • Solaris 8, Solaris 9
  • RHEL 3
  • Windows 2000
  • z/OS 1.10 and earlier
  • IBM i (OS/400) V5Rx


This section describes documentation enhancements, known issues, and related documentation.

Documentation enhancements

  • General restructuring
  • New Getting started section (create your first flow)
  • New Governance services section
  • Updated installation guides for UNIX, Windows, z/OS, OpenVMS, and IBM i

Related documentation

Go to Axway Support at to find all documentation for this product version.

For more information about Transfer CFT, refer to:

  • Transfer CFT 3.1.3 User Guide
  • Transfer CFT 3.1.3 Local Administration User Guide
  • Transfer CFT 3.1.3 Installation Guide (available for Unix, Windows, z/OS, IBM i, and OpenVMS)
  • Axway Supported Platforms
  • Axway Interoperability Matrix

Support services

The Axway Global Support team provides worldwide 24 x 7 support for customers with active support agreements.
Email or visit Axway Support at

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