About operator interface commands

This section describes how to set up the diagnosis commands, which enable you to perform a search of errors that can occur in Transfer CFT.

Operator interface interactions

Types of commands 

The z/OS operator interface for Transfer CFT supports two types of commands:

  • The Transfer CFT commands described the Command Index
  • The diagnostic commands described in section Diagnostic commands

Types of responses

The Transfer CFT operator interface for z/OS supplies the following responses:

  • SGOP02I Command Complete dd/mm/yyyy, hh:mm:ss User=xxxxxx
    • The command is processed without error.
  • SGOP03E Command error,RC=xxxxxxxx
    • The command ends with the return code xx.
  • SGCM05E Unknown Transfer CFT command...
    • Transfer CFT does not recognize the command.
  • SGCM03E Command ignored
    • The command is not processed.

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