Work with files

Note Do not use a dash "-" as a special character in z/OS (MVS) file names. This is an invalid system character.

About files

When renaming a file, Transfer CFT z/OS only releases the unused space if authorized to do so (APF), and if the file is allocated on a single volume. All files deleted by Transfer CFT are removed from the catalog.

  • SAM files are deleted/renamed by CAMLST
  • PDS members are deleted/renamed by STOW
  • VSAM files are deleted/renamed by dynamic calling to IDCAMS

Overwrite PDS members

The CFTRECV MACTION=REPLACE parameter controls the overwriting of any PDS file members received.

The CFTRECV command MACTION=REPLACE parameter controls the files that are received from the ADRDSSU utility DUMP.

Share Transfer CFT files

File sharing characteristics include:

  • Transfer CFT VSAM files are allocated as DISP=SHR
  • Read transfer files are allocated as DISP=SHR
  • Write files are allocated as DISP=OLD

GRS multi-system protection

Transfer CFT uses QNAME CFTSHARE to protect various resources. QNAME CFTSHARE must be propagated in all members of a GRS configuration. This is the only QNAME to be propagated.

Transfer CFT uses the following other QNAMEs:

  • CFTFILES to protect transferred files
  • CFTSUBM to serialize JOBS submitted on the Internal Reader
  • CFTPUTS for general internal serialization
  • CFTCATSH to share the catalog dataspace

The CFTFILES ENQs do not need to be broadcast to all systems in the GRS RING.

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