Working in a multi-node environment

This section describes how to enable multi-node functioning in your Transfer CFT environment.

  1. Use the unified configuration parameter to enable the multi-node feature. To enable, set value to yes.
  2. CFTUTIL uconfset id=cft.multi_node.enable,value=yes

  3. To add a host, enter the command:

    $CFT add_host -hostname <hostname> -host <host_address>

  4. Activate the Transfer CFT node that you will use.
  5. $CFT enable_node -n <node_id>

  6. Start the node that you activated above in Step 3.
  7. $CFT start -n <node_id>

  8. To start the Transfer CFT Copilot server, enter:


  9. You can use the CFT.COM script to manage your Transfer CFT environment, as described in the following table.

Command                   Actions

  start                    Start all nodes.

  start -n <node_id>       Start a specific node.

  stop                    Stop all nodes. stop -n <node_id> Stop a specific node.

  stop -ln                 Stop only the local node.

restart                    Restart all nodes.

restart -n <node_id>       Restart a specific node.

restart -ln                Restart only the local nodes.

add_node                   Add a new node.

remove_node -n <node_id>   Remove a node.

add_host -hostname <hostname> Add a new host as: -host <host_address>.

enable_node -n <node_id>   Enable a specific node.

disable_node -n <node_id>   Disable a specific node.


For the following example host:

  $                    CFT add_host -hostname ia64 -host

To activate and start a node pass the commands:

  $CFT enable_node -n 0

  $CFT start_node -n 0

To add ONE node, use the command:

  $CFT add_node

To disable and stop a node use the commands:

  $CFT stop_node -n 0

  $CFT disable _node -n 0

After stopping all nodes, you can stop COPILOT. Enter:


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