Creating a file exit - OpenVMS

This page describes a delivered sample that you can use as the basis for a file exit.

Note Please check the prerequisites if you have not already done so.

Application components

The d$cft_run:[src.exit] subdirectory contains:

  • The exfxmp1.c sample source module with its associated exfus.h include file. This program demonstrates the various user functions:
    • ALLOC_TYP: the EXIT allocates the file
    • OPEN_TYP: the EXIT opens the file
    • DATA_TYP: the EXIT writes or reads the file, and so on
  • The compilation procedure, which uses exfxmp2.c to generate the CFTEXITF program

Generating the exit

To generate the sample CFTEXITF application:

  1. Access the d$cft_run:[src.exit] directory.
  2. Enter the command:

Testing the exit

  1. Connect to the OpenVMS session with your Transfer CFT user.
  2. Generate the Transfer CFT internal datafiles using the cftinit utility with the configuration file:

    cftinit cft_scen:cft-tcp.conf

  3. When the cftinit complete message is displayed, start Transfer CFT:

    cft start

  4. When the CFTMAIN process ID is xxxxx message is displayed, run a transfer using the command:

    CFTUTIL SEND part=BOSTON,idf=fic1

  5. After a few seconds, you can check the transfer state by entering the following command. If the transfers have not terminated, repeat the command.

    CFTUTIL listcat

  6. Stop Transfer CFT:

    cft stop

  7. Examine the contents of the cftlog file in the d$cft_run:[log]library and locate the messages inserted by the EXIT.

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