Before you start

Prior to performing an upgrade or migration, you must:

  • Update your Transfer CFT to the most recent service pack version.
  • Backup Transfer CFT before beginning the procedure.
  • Stop the existing version of Transfer CFT and the Copilot (UI) server.
Note If needed, you can uninstall an Upgrade Pack. Doing so rolls back to the previous version before the upgrade, but all transfers and configuration modifications that were performed since the upgrade are lost.
Caution   For versions prior to and including Transfer CFT 2.6.4 SP1, there are export issues if you are using intermediate certificates that have a different ID. A fix was delivered in Transfer CFT 2.4.1 SP11 to correct this PKI export issue.

License key requirement

You require a new license key if you are migrating from a version 2.x Transfer CFT to a version 3.x.

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