Start Transfer CFT

This section describes how to start Transfer CFT for the first time for:

  • A single Transfer CFT
  • Multi-node Transfer CFT

After starting the server, refer to the Transfer CFT 3.0.1 VMS Operating Guide for information on how to run test loop transfers, make configuration changes, and enable options.

Start a single Transfer CFT instance

Transfer CFT can be executed either in a batch mode or as a detached process.

In the CFTLOGIN.COM procedure, symbols are defined to simplify the start-up commands.

The script is delivered in CFT_UTL directory and can be used to manage Transfer CFT. This script enables all supported Transfer CFT commands.

  1. Usage: cft [Actions] [Options]

    Control the Transfer CFT component.


        start                 start Transfer CFT in the background

        stop                  stop Transfer CFT

        status                display Transfer CFT status

        restart               restart Transfer CFT

        force-stop            kill Transfer CFT processes

        start-and-wait        start Transfer CFT and wait for it to stop

        -h | --help           display this help screen

  • To start Transfer CFT in a batch queue, enter: $ cftstart
  • To start the Transfer CFT as a detached process, enter: $ cft_d
  • To start Copilot Server, enter: $ copstart

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