Types of monitoring

This section details the following types of tracking or monitoring.

Usage tracking for Transfer CFT

Usage tracking is how Axway measures the subscription services you use on a monthly basis. Axway measures your usage to make sure these are within the prescribed thresholds specified in your subscription and determine whether overages require billing adjustments. See About subscription usage tracking for more information.

Monitoring Transfer CFT with Sentinel

You can use Sentinel to collect information about targeted Transfer CFT processing events. Sentinel enables you to generate graphic representations of these events (Dashboards) that you can then statistically and visually analyze, and respond to.

Sentinel provides you with tools that help you create pre-programmed automatic responses to specified network conditions. Using these tools, you can configure Sentinel to act immediately to handle exceptional and/or abnormal transfer events that occur in Transfer CFT. You can also configure Sentinel to respond to a programmed event that fails to occur.


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