Performance optimization

This section describes how to modify the subsystems in which Transfer CFT is running to optimize the Transfer CFT performance.

The initial subsystem that Transfer CFT uses is created with a 2 GB pool size, and a maximum of 64 active threads. However it is not the maximum number of threads that impacts performance, but rather the number of threads that can use the processor. For this reason, we recommend that you modify this value for improved performance.


The subsystem must be running to perform the following procedure. If your subsystem is not running, call the STRSBS command to start the subsystem.


Update the subsystem values as follows:

  1. Enter the WRKSYSSTS command to display the existing system configuration for the subsystems that are currently running.
    1. Press F11 to display the subsystem name and determine your specific Transfer CFT subsystem.
  2. Modify the value:
    1. Place the cursor in the Max Act field (Maximum Active), and enter the new value (10 in the example below).
    2. Press Enter to confirm.
    3. Press F5 to update the screen display.

How to determine the Max Act values

To determine the maximum active (Max Act) values, use the following formula:

16 + SSLMTASK + MAXTASK = <Max Act>


  • 16 = any basic Transfer CFT task
  • SSLMTASK = maximum number of SSL tasks
  • MAXTASK = maximum number of CFTFIL tasks

If you are using multinode, multiply the sum by the total number of nodes.

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