Operating Transfer CFT

From the Main Menu, enter the command cft and press Enter to open the Manager Menu.

Select from:

  1. Common CFT commands
  2. Security commands
  3. Administration commands
  4. Create Transfer CFT system objects
  5. Multi-node commands (only available if multi-node is enabled)

Transfer CFT 3.2.x and higher

1. Common CFT commands 

1.  Start Copilot            

2.  Stop Copilot             

3.  Start Transfer CFT       

4.  Stop Transfer CFT        

5.  CFTUTIL operations          

6.  Manage configuration File

1.  Edit configuration file     

2.  Interpret configuration file

2.  Security commands  

1.  Edit Security configuration file

2.  Interpret Security configuration

3.  PKIUTIL operation                         

3.  Administration commands 

1.  Reinitialize Transfer CFT parameters

2.  Submit Transfer CFT support request      

4.  Create system objects

1.  Create job queue         

2.  Create job description   

3.  Create subsystem         

4.  Add job-queue entry      

5.  Create class             

6.  Add routing entry        

7.  Add communication entry  

8.  Change profile                   


Note: A highlighted menu item indicates there is a sub-menu.

If you have worked with earlier versions of Transfer CFT IBM i, you can compare menu options in Appendix B: Menu mapping.

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