Running Transfer CFT

To start the Transfer CFT server from the Operations menu, enter 1. Common Transfer CFT commands, then 3. Start Transfer CFT. Press ENTER to execute. Note that this starts the Transfer CFT subsystem if it was not already running.

Operations that recreate files prior to the start-up are only required in specific restart conditions, such as after changing the configuration.

Note If you recreate the COM file, any transfer requests deposited since Transfer CFT was last run are lost. If you recreate a CAT file, information required to restart any interrupted transfers may be lost.

Transfer CFT jobs are submitted in the following order:

  • 1: CFTMAIN (main task and transfer scheduling task)
  • 2: CFTLOG (log management task)
  • 3: CFTTCOM (command management task)
  • 4: CFTTPRO (protocol management task)
  • 5: Network handler(s)
  • 6: CFTTFIL (file tasks)

Transfer CFT cannot run if any of the jobs are missing, except for the file task. The file task is only submitted after a send or receive transfer request, or a receive request from a remote site.

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