Application programming interface

Note Only ILE (Integrated Language Environment) is supported.

You perform Transfer CFT service calls differently depending on the programming language that you use (C, COBOL or RPG). For more information, refer to the programming topics in the Transfer CFT User Guide.

The Transfer CFT service called (CFTI, CFTU or CFTC) executes the request, either with or without analyzing command syntax, and then initializes the response zone.

The client application receives from Transfer CFT:

  • A return code
  • The requested data, if applicable

Call from a COBOL/ILE or RPG/ILE program

Querying the Catalog: CFTI function

Available commands include OPEN, SELECT, NEXT, MODIFY and CLOSE.

Requesting a transfer: CFTU and CFTC functions

Available parameters include: F-SEND, F-RECV, F-START, F-HALT, F-KEEP, F-DELETE, F-END and F-COM.

COBOL/ILE Programming samples

All COBOL sample files are available in CFTPGM/CFTSRC. However, you should not directly modify them as this library is proprietary to Axway, and updating the product may modify these samples. Therefore, we recommend that you copy the samples you need into CFTPROD/UTIN and configure them according to your production requirements.

Note The product installation copies and configures some samples.

RPG/ILE Programming examples

Refer to the programming examples, RPG COPY clauses, and procedures, which are supplied in the Transfer CFT library:

    • TCFTI2_RPG(API structure V24)
    • TCFTU_RP1(API asynchronous)
    • TCFTU_RP2(API synchronous)
    • I_TCFTI_RP(executes CFTI or CFTIX functions)
    • I_TCFTU_RP(executes CFTU function), etc.

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