Determine the installer and product versions

You should determine the product and Installer version and service pack level prior to upgrading or updating for Transfer CFTs having a version lower than 3.4. You can use the following procedure on any version of the Axway Installer.

Start the Axway installer using the version appropriate command:

  • Versions lower than 4.5: update
  • Versions higher than 4.5:

Follow the screen instructions to display information, and check the:

  • Axway Installer version and the most recently installed SP level
  • Transfer CFT version and the most recently installed SP level

Alternatively, you can use the display command to list information about all installed products.

  • Run the command from the root installation directory.
  • When you run this command without parameters, the command lists all installed products and versions, and all applied service packs.


Use the name parameter, - n, to display the installation history of a single product.

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