Install services in command line

After adding a Windows service in command line, the default system user is the user that started the service. To define a specific user, you must edit the service properties in the Services page.

Note If you plan to integrate Transfer CFT with Central Governance and also plan to use Service mode, please refer to the additional instructions in Service mode set up when using Central Governance.

Windows only

Install services

Transfer CFT services

  1. To install the Transfer CFT service, access the Transfer CFT directory:

    cd %TransferCFT_directory%

  2. Enter the following:

    cscript /nologo home\bin\cftsrvin.vbs n=CFT36

    Where n= <CFT plus the current version of Transfer CFT>

Copilot services

From the Transfer CFT home directory, run:

copsrv.exe -install <service_name> <displayname> <cftdirruntime>


For Transfer CFT version 3.6 Copilot you would enter:

c:\CFT36\Transfer_CFT\home\bin>copsrv.exe -install CFT_Copilot36 CFT_Copilot36 c:\CFT36\Transfer_CFT\runtime

Activate services

Using CFTUTIL activate the services for both Transfer CFT and Copilot with the uconf service configuration parameters.


uconfset id=cft.nt.service_name, value=CFT36

uconfset id=cft.nt.service_mode, value=yes

uconfset id=copilot.nt.service_name, value=CFT_Copilot36

uconfset id=copilot.nt.service_mode, value=yes

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