Active/passive installation - Unix

This section describes how to install an active/passive architecture, as described in About Multi-node architecture.


Transfer CFT in multi-host architecture requires:

  • A shared file system
  • You must configure the system prior to the multi-node installation, and the shared disk should be ready when you start the Copilot server. See Shared file system prerequisites for details.

License keys

Transfer CFT in multi-node architecture requires a shared file system for use of a multi-node architecture on several hosts (active/active). Additionally, the system must be configured prior to the multi-node installation and the shared disk ready when starting the Copilot server.

Note See Shared file system prerequisites for details.

You can use a single key for a multi-node installation, as either:

  • The hostname must not be defined for the key, or
  • The hostname defined for the key matches the hostname of one of the hosts that composes the multi-node instance

Additionally, the key must have the cluster option.

Download and uncompress

Download and unzip the Transfer CFT install package, as described in Installation: Before you start.


Create as many copies of the file as you have hosts in the installation. Customize the n file with the following parameters.


Host Address of the local server: FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) or IP Address.

When you re installing a cluster, there are two ways to define this parameter:

  • If you do not set this in the silent file, the installation determines it (if the machine is correctly configured)

  • Set the FQDN for each machine in the cluster, that is, for each host installation
Runtimedir The runtime directory must be in a shared directory.

Specify the host address of the load balancer, which is the cluster's public IP address in an active/passive deployment.

Note The load balancer is used to connect to the Transfer CFT UI server.
LoadBalancer_Port Specify the load balancer port, which is redirected to the Central Governance dedicated port of the Transfer CFT UI Server.


  1. Start the installation.
  2. Transfer_CFT_3.6_Install_win-x86-64_BNXXXXXXXX.exe
  3. ./Transfer_CFT_3.6_Install_<OS>_<BN>.run
  4. In the Installation Architecture screen, select Cluster - first host.
  5. Complete the installation.
  6. To add a host to create a multi-host installation, run the install exe/bat again. This time select Cluster - Additional host.

Silent installation

When installing using a silent file for a multihost installation, in the silent file ( you can use the same other definitions as in the Transfer CFT 3.6 silent files.


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