Transfer CFT: Install, update, upgrade or migrate

The Transfer CFT installation and migration documentation provides instructions for installing, upgrading, migrating, and deploying your Transfer CFT, and includes the following information:

  • How to prepare for installation
  • How to install
  • How to install in command line
  • How to install in various installation architectures
  • Known limitations
  • Information for additional resources and Axway Global Support

Your Transfer CFT installation procedure is dependent on the options you have selected and your environment.

Known limitations

In this version, the following actions are not available:

  • How to create a product deployment package (ExpressPackage)
  • Automatic migration

Installation and Operation Guides

Transfer CFT Installation Guide UNIX

Transfer CFT Installation Guide Windows

Transfer CFT Installation Guide z/OS

Transfer CFT Installation Guide IBM i

Transfer CFT Installation Guide OpenVMS

Transfer CFT Installation Guide HP NonStop

Discontinued support

Changing technologies as well as evolution in our customers systems, drives the need for Axway to modify or discontinue support for some features. The following list summarizes deprecated functionality for Transfer CFT 3.6.


  • API CICS [z/OS]
  • VFM


  • Composer for Transfer CFT
  • Transfer CFT Navigator

Networks and protocols

  • Networks: LU62, SNA, DSA, X.25, and DNA
  • Protocol: ETEBAC

Migration or upgrade impact and considerations

You should be aware of the following features or parameters, which were modified since their inception, and how these changes may impact your upgrade or migration. Please see, Migration or upgrade impact and considerations .

More information

Additional documentation is available at Axway Support at

  • Refer to the AMPLIFY Supported Platforms document for a complete platform/version listing.
  • Refer to the Transfer CFT version 2.x End of Support announcements for details on the version 2 product.


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