Before you start

If you are installing Transfer CFT as part of an Axway Managed File Transfer solution, you may want to check the installation order and prerequisites. For more information, please refer to the Central Governance documentation.

Before you start the installation, you should:

  • Download the installation package from Axway Sphere.
  • Unzip the package.

Installation package contents

The installation package is a zip archive. You should unzip it on the OpenVMS machine. Once you unzip it, it contains the product and the installation procedure (installer).

Installation functions

The installer is used to install, configure, update and uninstall Transfer CFT, which is part of the Axway 5 Suite. You can run the following installation modes:

  • Install
  • Configure
  • Update
  • Uninstall

Installation modes

Use the standard SYS$UPDATE:VMSINSTAL procedure to install the product.

Installed directories

Once you install a product, the following sub-directories are installed.

  • [.CFT.HOME] contents files of the product.
  • [.CFT.RUNTIME] contents mainly configuration files and executables.

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