Before you start

If you are installing Transfer CFT as part of a managed file transfer solution, you may want to check the installation order and prerequisites. For more information, please refer to the Central Governance documentation.

If you want to enable Central Governance during installation, please check that your license includes Central Governance and that you have the required information, such as the shared secret, to activate connectivity.

Download the installation package

Before you start the installation, you should:

  • Download the installation package from Axway Sphere.
  • Uncompress or unzip the package.
Note See also Windows x86 operating system prerequisites for prerequisites including DLL requirements for x86.

The installation package is a zip archive. It contains the product, a configuration template file called, and the installation program files. For details on customizing the template file, see Customize the file

Note In this section, replace <OS> with your operating system and <BN> with the build number, for example, Transfer_CFT_3.6_Install_win-x86-64_BN12548232.exe.

Installation restrictions for multi-node

The following multi-node restrictions apply:

  • Bandwidth control is calculated by node.
  • Accounting statistics are generated by node.
  • Nodes are not automatically re-balanced when a host is recovered after a failure.
  • Duplicate file detection is not supported.
  • When using COMS, the SEND/RECV commands does not support STATE=HOLD with WSTATE.
  • You cannot have more than one defined CFTCOM TYPE=FILE object.

When using Central Governance with Transfer CFT multi node, you cannot manage Transfer CFT updates. You are required to manually update the nodes.

Install functions

You can perform the following installation functions:

  • Install
  • Upgrade
  • Update
  • Uninstall

Installation modes

Graphical mode



start /W Transfer_CFT_3.6_Install_win-x86-64_BNXXXXXXXX.exe --mode unattended --conf-file configuration.template

Create or modify the runtime

You can use the following command to repair the runtime if there was an issue during the installation, or to update values that you have modified in the file. From the <installation_directory>, run the following:

<installation directory> initialize filename

You cannot configure the Windows services using the initialize.exe command. Please see Install services in command line to manually configure the Windows services.

If you want to use symbolic links, the link path must use a slash delimiter as shown in the

following example:

  • Correct: S:\>mklink /j F:\CFT36m5 F:\CFT36_BN12786077_5
  • Incorrect: S:\>mklink /j F:CFT36m5 F:CFT36_BN12786077_5

If for whatever reason an installation that uses symbolic links fails, once the silent files have been corrected, you must delete the Transfer CFT home installation directory to which the symbolic link points. Failing to do so causes the installer to go into upgrade mode.

Run as administrator

The user who installs Transfer CFT must be an administrator on the system where you are performing the installation.

Get help

To access the installation help:

Transfer_CFT_3.6_Install_win-x86-64_BNXXXXXXXX.exe --help

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