Define a flow to send multiple files

Click Flows on the top toolbar to open the Flows / Monitoring page.

The following outlines tasks for defining a flow. Optional steps, such as defining source and target properties, have default values in the user interface and are not described in this getting started topic.

In the Flow List page click Add flow and perform the following steps:

  1. Select General information and complete the fields. The following fields are mandatory (* denotes mandatory):
    • Name: Enter a user friendly name in our example Simple flow
    • Identifier: Enter the id that will be used in the transfer commands flow01 (Transfer CFT IDF)
  2. Select Source and click Edit. Define Store_66 as the source in this example. The source is the owner of the data being transferred.
  3. Select Target and click Edit. Define MainOffice as the Target for this example. The target is the receiver of the exchange.
  4. Optionally, select Protocol and define. You cannot define a protocol until you have defined both the source and target.
  5. Save the flow, or save and deploy the flow.


Tip   Existing Transfer CFT users may want to refer to the Transfer CFT to Central Governance parameter mapping in the sections see Flow definition: Target and Flow definition: Source.

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