This section provides an overview of the Transfer CFT product, provided services, and how these can fit into an Axway MFT solution.

  • About Transfer CFT - Provides a high-level view of Transfer CFT in an enterprise architecture
  • Types of data flow - Describes the various types of flows that you can create in your enterprise environment.
  • Implementation architecture - Describes the general types of implementation when using Transfer CFT, either with multiple Transfer CFTs or in conjunction with other Axway products.
  • Axway AMPLIFY architecture - Describes the AMPLIFY product platform, as it relates to MFT solutions and Transfer CFT.
  • Governance services - Describes Central Governance, the AMPLIFY management application, which provides a set of services for administering Transfer CFTs.
  • Tracking and monitoring services - Describes the visibility services for Transfer CFT flows and the product status.
  • Security services - Provides and overview of the different types of security services available with Transfer CFT used to secure communication, protect data, and control user access.
  • User interface options - Describes the types of user interfaces available with Transfer CFT and when you might use each.

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