About Transfer CFT

Axway AMPLIFY Transfer CFT is a powerful data controller that provides file exchange services between disparate hardware and software platforms using open protocols, within or beyond the boundaries of your enterprise. Transfer CFT, part of the AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer product offerings, delivers non-intrusive, high-volume file-transfer services as a standalone system or implemented as part of an MFT solution.

To create successful data flows within an enterprise, organizations require a guaranteed level of security, tracking, and data flow management. Transfer CFT's additional value comes from providing the following services that allow for monitored, secure business interactions:

  • Performs cross-platform transfers
  • Manages large volumes of files with support for varying file types
  • Automates flows and STP (Straight Through Processing)
  • Provides homogeneous production processes across platforms and networks
  • Secures transfers
  • Offers reliable performance to comply with business requirements
  • Centralizes monitoring and product configuration
  • Provides advanced system tracking and audit trails

As a transfer exchange system, Transfer CFT provides reliable and secure internal file transfers between applications. High value characteristics include:

  • Respect for individual environments
  • Effective and non-intrusive application integration
  • Nodes that can recognize and interact with other nodes
  • An agile architecture

High-level view of Transfer CFT in an enterprise architecture

View of Transfer CFT in A2A operations within a corporate network

Services and features

AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer offers the following value added features to set it apart from FTP and other generic file transfer services on the market.

Transfer types and modes

Additional flexibility and value come from the various types of transfer modes that you can use with Transfer CFT. Within each mode, there are a variety of transfer types:

  • Centralized mode or peer-to-peer, client-server based
  • Distribution mode
    • One to one
    • Broadcasting (1 to N)
    • Collecting (N to 1)
    • Relay store and forward
    • Permanent file transfers

Support for security services

Transfer CFT offers the following security services:

  • Network security such as proxies
  • Access rights on logical objects
  • Support for common standards and protocols, as such as LDAP, X.509, PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)
  • Data is secured both at rest and in motion
  • Ability to add a DMZ component (software proxy)

Event-oriented automation and integration

Transfer CFT just-in-time services include:

  • Exits
  • APIs: Web-services (REST API, SOAP), C, and Java
  • Managed pre- and post-processing scripts
  • Folder monitoring

Full platform independence

Transfer CFT offers platform independence with:

  • Logical names for sites and flows
  • Support for more than twenty operating systems

Reliability and performance

Transfer CFT provides the following services that you cannot achieve with traditional FTP:

  • Guaranteed delivery
  • End-to-end acknowledgement
  • Application-to-application horizontal scalability
  • File transfer acceleration
  • Bandwidth throttling and prioritization

Mass deployment automation

Automating, managing and monitoring for your transfer flows is accomplished by coupling Transfer CFT with additional Axway products to provide:

  • A centralized management console for accessing configuration, operations, and visibility services
  • Policy management

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