Create an implicit mode flow and transfer a file

You can use the implicit transfer mode to make a file whose content is frequently changing available to other applications. In this case the file is always available, and applications can retrieve it as many time as necessary.

Note Implicit Mode implies that the Target is requester, and as such it is the Target that pulls the file.

Simplified diagram of a Target Transfer CFT requesting a file from the Source

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Create a flow where the target is the requester.



In Central Governance click Flows > Add flow.

Create a flow named implicit_flow and define the identifier as flow03.

To enable implicit mode, select Target pulls file.

Define the MainOffice as the Target, which will pull the file, and Store_89 as the file Source.




Define the path to the file location.



In the File properties of the Source, define the path to the file to be sent.

You can use, for example, the TEST file located by default in the source Transfer CFT's runtime/pub folder.





Deploy the flow.


In Central Governance click Deploy to save and deploy.






Execute the RECV command.




From the Transfer CFT (MainOffice), run the following command:
CFTUTIL RECV PART=<instance_source>, IDF=flow03

Remember in our example the source is Store_89, you should replace <instance_source> with the Transfer CFT instance as it appears in your applications.


5 Monitor the file transfer status. In Central Governance select the Flows tab, and click Monitoring.

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