Check the runtime

Runtime issues can include the following for the server, Copilot, CFTUTIL and other system services:

  • Abend
  • Performance
  • Start disk space, multi-node issues, restart
  • Unexpected shut down, such as when the catalog is full
  • System freezes or infinite looping
  • Service pack issues (applying or removing), also for migrating issues, updates

Common causes

Issue Typical causes

Hard disk bottleneck





Memory or processor bottleneck*


file or DB **

Performance Disk check   Network checks Check application  
Start issue Disk check Catalog check Network checks timeout Check Transfer CFT files
Unexpected stop Disk check Catalog check Network checks   Check Transfer CFT files
Transfer freeze or infinite looping Disk check   Network checks Check application Check Transfer CFT files
SP and updates Disk check        
Crash Disk check   Network checks   Check Transfer CFT files

* Axway or third party software.

** Transfer CFT internal database.

Initial checks and actions

Disk check

  • No space left on the device
    • Free space
    • Check Sentinel connectivity anTransfer CFTd verify the size of the runtime/data/trkapi.buf file, which may be voluminous
  • Check for problematic file transfers and output, and clean
  • Check to see if traces are set, which may lead to multiple large files in the "run" directory
  • Check to see if you have enabled dynamic catalog resizing

Catalog check

When the catalog is full stops and you cannot restart it without a correction action to reduce the size of the catalog. Note that this does not necessarily mean that the disk is full.

Export the full catalog

Create a new catalog file configured for a greater number of records, and re-import the original catalog file.

  • Use the command: cftmi
    1. Export the full catalog as shown in the following example.
    2. CFTMI migr type=cat,ifname=<catalog_file>,ofname=<export_catalog_file>,direct=fromcat
    3. Check that the exported file is not empty.
    4. Create new catalog:
    5. CFTUTIL Cftfile type=cat,fname=<new_catalog_file>,recnb=<number of records>
    6. Import the exported catalog file into the new catalog.
    7. CFTMI migr type=cat,ifname=data/catasv,ofname=data/ cftcata-new,direct=tocat
    8. Move (rename) depending on your operating system:
    9. Move cftcata cftcata-old (archive or erase the old, exported catalog)

      Move cftcata-new cftcata (rename the new catalog)

    Network checks

    These corrective measures are often system dependent.

    • Perform basic tests such as pinging the address, and telnet (to check the port)

    Check additional products

    • Check if another product is consuming all of the CPU/memory
    • Check Central Governance interoperability, such as the Sentinel database
    • Scripts or end-of-transfer procedures may indirectly

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