Troubleshoot SFTP

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Start Transfer CFT issues

Error when starting Transfer CFT

If the following error displays:

CFTN05E SFTP bind() failed: ECDSA, DSA, or RSA host key file must be set.

Check the SRVPRIVKEYID (CFTSSH direct=server) parameter. If the file contains the private key, the syntax should be @<privatekeyfilename> (Unix) or #<privatekeyfilename> where privatekeyfilename contains the private key in PEM (Base64) format.

Authentication issues

Server authentication issues

Client does not accept the server's public key

The following is an example of a public key authentication issue where the client does not accept the server's public key.

Client side


CLIENT_S SFH TH BIN J0219374 0 0 264 KEY



CFTT75E Network connect reject <IDTU=A000000W PART=CLIENT_SFTP_WIN IDF=BIN IDT=J0219374 DIAGI=264>

CFTT82E Transfer aborted <IDTU=A000000W PART=CLIENT_SFTP_WIN IDF=BIN IDT=J0219374 DIAGI=264>

Client authentication issues

Invalid users or password issues

Transfer CFT client authentication mismatches can lead to the following errors:


CFTT75E Incorrect user or password <IDTU=A000000I PART=CLIENT_SFTP_WIN IDF=BIN IDT=J0218294 DIAGI=433>

CFTT82E Transfer aborted <IDTU=A000000I PART=CLIENT_SFTP_WIN IDF=BIN IDT=J0218294 DIAGI=433>



CLIENT_S SFH TH BIN J0218294 0 0 433 00000001

You may require a trace on the Transfer CFT server for additional information (to see if the issue is user or password).

Invalid user:

CFTSFTP CFT.SFTP [3] S50000: User SERV_SFTP wants to authenticate with method SYSTEM

CFTSFTP CFT.SFTP [1] S50000: User SERV_SFTP not allowed to connect to the server


Invalid password:

CFTSFTP CFT.SFTP [3] S50000: User serv_SFTP wants to authenticate with method PASSWORD

CFTSFTP CFT.SFTP [1] S50000: User serv_SFTP not allowed to connect to the server

SFTP client case sensitivity

Remember that NSPART and NRPART are case sensitive when they are enclosed in quotes " ". For example, if the user name is login, then the CFTPART ID=PART,NSPART="login" and NRPART=login.

Error: Authentication failed.

Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server.

Transfer fails

Enable implicit mode

You must define CFTSEND IDF=<idf>,IMPL=YES when in server mode. Failing to do so leads to the following type of message:

CFTT16I _ No implicit send <PART=<part> IDF=<idf> > :

Working directory

Here the connection is interrupted because of a workingdir issue when connecting to the Transfer CFT SFTP via an SFTP client:

Error: Unable to open .: received failure with description 'The working directories in CFTSEND and CFTRECV for the IDF are not the same'

Error: Received unexpected end-of-file from SFTP server

Error: Cannot recover the folder contents


These parameters check the authorized IDF for the user. For example, in the following messages an error occurred because when performing a RECV (get) command, the IDF was not included in the remote authorization list.


No catalog record, and in the log:


CFTT82E Transfer aborted <IDTU=00000000 PART= IDF= IDT= DIAGI=413>


Catalog record:

diagi=610 diagp=00000000


CFTF02E Remote file selection error <IDTU=A0000005 PART=CLIENT_SFTP_UNIX IDF=F LOW IDT=J0913570>

CFTT82E Transfer aborted <IDTU=A0000005 PART=CLIENT_SFTP_UNIX IDF= FLOW IDT=J0913570 DIAGI=610>

Open mode not allowed

When open mode is not enabled on a non-Transfer CFT client, a generic message displays:

Command: put "C:\Users\...\MyFile.jpg" "MyFile.jpg"

Error: Received unexpected end-of-file from SFTP server

Error: File transfer failed

On the server side, additional information can be found in the log:

CFTT01E IDTU=00000000 PART=SERV_SFTP IDF=FLOW01 IDT= _ Open mode not allowed

CFTT82E Transfer aborted <IDTU=00000000 PART=SERV_SFTP IDF=FLOW01 IDT= DIAGI=404>


Diagi=110 with diagp=00000013


Diagi:Diagnostic codes. Codes with a value between 001 and 499 indicate a local issue; values between 501 and 999 correspond to a fault reported by the partner. Therefore when troubleshooting if the code is greater than 500 it refers to a remote issue.

Check updates to the configuration (delay)

The parameters used by SFTP in CFTPARM and CFTPART files are loaded in memory when Transfer CFT starts and updated every 10 seconds if there is a change in the file.

Perform a trace

If you were not able to remedy the issue as described in the previous sections, you may want to perform an SFTP trace. After performing the following commands, you must restart Transfer CFT.



set XTRACE_OUTPUT_FILENAME=sftptrace.txt




export XTRACE_OUTPUT_FILENAME=sftptrace.txt

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