This section describes common management tasks that the Transfer CFT 3.6 administrator may need to perform. The described tasks are post-installation tasks, to set up, start, or maintain your Transfer CFT server.

Manage user rights - Describes how to use the two basic types of rights needed to enable Transfer CFT flows - the rights required to perform activities, such as starting or configuring Transfer CFT, and the rights that apply to files themselves.

Manage the servers - You can either use Central Governance to stop, start, check status, and restart a Transfer CFT, or alternatively use the administration commands and scripts provided in this section to manage the application.

Manage multi-node architecture - Describes the Transfer CFT multi-node feature, which provides horizontal scalability and high availability for fail overs.

Manage UCONF settings - Describes the configuration tool, UCONF, a feature that standardizes and merges functioning for all platforms. This interface enables you to makes technical parameter value modifications using either CFTUTIL or the Copilot interface.

Manage monitoring - This section provides information and recommendations for administrative monitoring activities in Transfer CFT.

Performance tuning - This section provides information and general guidelines that you can use to optimize your Transfer CFT deployment.

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