UNIX: Installation and operation

This section introduces prerequisite information as well as installation and information on operating Transfer CFT in UNIX.

The information in this section may be supplemented, corrected, or even contradicted by the README.TXT file or the Release Notes supplied with the product. The README.TXT file and Release Notes take priority in this case.

Product presentation

Transfer CFT can operate both as client and/or as server. The number of simultaneous transfers that Transfer CFT can support is defined by the license key. It is also limited by the properties of the networks used. The TCP/IP network is supported.

Installing Transfer CFT for Unix

The installation section describes prerequisites and how to install and uninstalTransfer CFT.

UNIX operations

UNIX high availability

When installing a cluster for high availability, after enabling the cluster option you must set the multi-node option to NO.

Note The term Transfer CFT is used to designate the Transfer CFT software package on UNIX platforms.
Note Transfer CFT supports all POSIX file systems.

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