Running Transfer CFT for the first time UNIX

The elements and tasks required to start Transfer CFT for the first time include:

Set the environment

After installing Transfer CFT , but before starting Transfer CFT you should:

  • Execute the profile in the Transfer CFT runtime directory to define environment variables. Run: ‘. ./profile’
  • Create a new set of Transfer CFT working files, parameters, partners, catalog, communication file, logs, use the sample configuration files cft-tcp.conf and cft-tcp-part.conf in the runtime/conf directory. You can configure these during the product installation, or manually after installation.
  • Use cftinit <configuration_file> > and/or cftupdate to interpret the parameter and partner files.
  • cftinit conf/cft-tcp.conf

    cftupdate conf/cft-tcp-part.conf

  • or
  • cftinit conf/cft-tcp.conf conf/cft-tcp-part.conf
Caution   These commands generate an initial configuration by creating the configuration files. Any previous configurations, and any data in the communication file, catalog, or log files will be lost.

Sample file details

  • cft-tcp.conf: Contains PARM object definitions (PARM, CAT, COM, LOG, ACCNT, PROT, SEND, RECV,...etc.)
  • cft-tcp-part.conf: Contains partner definitions (CFTPART, CFTTCP, CFTSSL)

Delivered partners are:

  • LOOP

Start and stop commands

The following table lists the commands according to Transfer CFT version.

Version 2.7.1 and higher Version 2.7.0 and lower
cft start cftstart
cft stop cftstop
cft status cftstatus
cft force-stop cftstop -kill
cft force-stop –kill cftstop -forcedkill
Note The cftstart and cftstop commands, from version 2.7.0 and earlier, are redirected to the standardized commands for continued compatibility.

Start up

You can start Transfer CFT with the cft start utility; see also Transfer CFT Management Utilities.

Shut down

You can use one of the following methods to shut down Transfer CFT:

  • The CFTUTIL utility
  • CFTUTIL shut fast=no


    CFTUTIL shut fast=yes

  • The cft utility
  • cft stop

For more information, see the administrative commands in Manage the Transfer CFT server.

Start or stop via a user interface

You can also use either Central Governance or the Transfer CFT Copilot UI to start or shut down Transfer CFT.

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