About Solaris Sun cluster

This sub-book describes the Transfer CFT installation and configuration with a Solaris Sun cluster. This topic describes the prerequisites and reference materials for installing a Solaris Sun cluster.


System requirements:

  • Solaris 10

Software requirements:

  • Sun Cluster 3.0 or 3.1
  • Transfer CFT

Transfer CFT and Sun cluster integration

Axway used Generic Data Services (GDS) to test Transfer CFT integration with Sun Cluster.

The choice of GDS was based on:

  • Rapid and direct integration with Sun Cluster
  • Relative ease of configuration of GDS, requiring only three scripts: start, stop and test
  • Transfer CFT already includes the scripts capable of executing the operations called by GDS

Sun Cluster operates under the root user. The scripts cftstartFailover, cftstopFailover and cftprobeFailover were developed to execute the cftstart, cftstop and cftping commands under the user ID for the Transfer CFT UNIX account user. These scripts are available in the sub-book Transfer CFT scripts.

To complete the setup of this installation, you must supply GDS with the list of listening addresses for Transfer CFT TCP/IP and the shared system.

Sun Cluster reference documentation


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