Solaris: Customize the kernel

This topic describes how to customize Solaris for Transfer CFT.

  • About resource controls
  • Selecting a project

Solaris 10

Transfer CFT makes extensive use of System V IPC services and file access services. As of the Solaris 10 release, the corresponding configuration parameters are no longer kernel parameters, but instead can be defined as resource controls.

About resource controls

While most of the corresponding parameter default values are suitable for normal Transfer CFT functioning, three of these parameter values must have at least the following minimum values:

Resource control Transfer CFT minimum value
project.max-shm-memory 33554432
process.max-msg-messages 8192
process.max-file-descriptor 1024

This means that you must modify the corresponding resource controls to meet the requirements of the project associated with the user account that Transfer CFT will run under.

Selecting a project

If you plan to run Transfer CFT under the "axway" user account, for example, create a project associated with the user "axway" using the following system command: projadd -p 201 -G axway -U axway -c "Axway" axway

This command creates the project "axway" and associates the uid axway and gid axway with this project.

Alternatively, you may choose to not associate a specific project with Transfer CFT. In this case, Transfer CFT will run under a project named "default".

For the following command examples, we use "cft_project" as the name of the project chosen for Transfer CFT. This can be either a specific project (named "axway", in the example above) or simply the project "default".

Change the maximum size of global memory segments

The following command sets this value to 32 MB:

projmod -s -K "project.max-shm-memory=(privileed,33554432,deny) cft_project

Change the maximum number of messages

The following command sets this value to 8192:

projmod -s -K "process.max-msg-messages=(privileged,8192, deny) cft_project

Change the maximum number of open files per process

The following command assigns a value of 1024 to this parameter:

projmod -s -K "process.max-file-descriptor(privileged,1024, deny) cft_project

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