Troubleshoot distributed file systems

NFS lock daemon issue with no error message

When transferring files that are located in a Network File System, an NFS locking issue (lockd) may occur if the correct port is not open on the firewall.


  • Flow transfers hang in the phase T and phasestep C, with a timeout but no error message.


  • Check that the correct port for the lockd service is open on the firewall (default=4045).

Multi-node multihost installation issues

Second node or host fails to install


While performing a multihost multi-node installation, where the user has a different UserId (UD) and GroupId (GID) for each host, you successfully install the first node on the first host, which creates the runtime on the shared disk. But the second node or host installation fails with the message:

Warning: The directory


is not writable by the current user

To resolve this issue, using a different user perform the following commands on all hosts that are involved in the multihost, multi-node installation:

  1. Open an SSH session on the machine and run the following command to change the UID, for example:
  2. sudo usermod -u 1005 ithomas
  3. Where 1005 is the desired common UID, and ithomas is the user common to all of the UNIX hosts.
  4. Run the command to change the GID, for example:
  5. sudo groupmod -g 1006 ithomas
  6. Where 1006 is the desired common GID, and ithomas is the group to which the user ithomas belongs.

For more information, please refer to the NFS documentation.

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