Transfer CFT provides a set of objects that you can use to manage your transfer security requirements.

  • Certificates to authenticate a remote party
  • TLS to secure a connection using the TLS protocol
  • Open SSL to generate a local authority certificate and user certificates

You can work with certificates either via the UI or command line. All other security operations must be performed using command lines.

This section describes the functions and components that are used to perform security operations, and comprises a set of sub-sections that describe how to configure and manage the Transfer CFT security objects as well as use additional Axway products to offer security features.

Topics/sections Description

Transport security concepts

Describes transfer security concepts that are referred to further in this document, as well as how these security functions work.

Configuring transport security

Explains how to use line commands to configure the Transfer CFT to manage the SSL and TLS protocols.

Managing certificates

Explains how to use either the UI or line commands to manage security certificates.

Using PKI exits

Describes the rules for implementing a PKI exit.

Using PassPort PS Describes the parameters used for Transfer CFT to PassPort PS server connectivity, and how to optionally implement SSL, or a clear connection, for increased security.
Using Trusted File for encoding Describes how to implement Axway Trusted File encoding.
Using SecureRelay Describes the Axway Secure Relay integration with Transfer CFT.


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