Working with the unified configuration in the GUI

In order to merge functioning for all platforms, Transfer CFT features a configuration interface. This interface enables you to easily makes technical parameter value modifications using either CFTUTIL or the Graphical User Interface.

This topic describes how to view and modify configuration parameter values using the Graphical User Interface.

How to modify UCONF settings

To modify a UCONF value using the graphical user interface:

  1. Select the Administration icon at the top of the left pane.
  2. In the left pane object manager, double click Configuration Parameters. The UCONF window is displayed.
  3. Double click the file name in the right pane to access the values window for that file. The parameter window displays three values or settings.
  4. In the displayed window, you can view the current value, modify this value, or return to the default value for this file. For a complete listing of the value in previous versions of Transfer CFT and the default value, refer to UCONF settings.
  5. Click Ok to confirm and close the window.


In the UCONF window:

  1. Click to expand the CFT folder.
  2. Select cftcom.
  3. Double click cft.cftcom.default_size. The following diagram illustrates the cft.cftcom.default_size window.

The top section briefly describes the configuration setting. Three fields are displayed:

  • Default: the preset default value
  • Current: this is the actual setting for the parameter and can contain an environmental variable
  • Complete: this field lists or defines the meaning for the current setting (you can think of this as how the system sees or translates the value in the Current field)
  1. Modify the value as required. Click Ok to confirm and close the window.



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