Using the Send message wizard

How to use the Send message wizard

The Send message wizard enables you to send a message in Copilot for Transfer CFT. The various file and message wizards are represented by icons found in the interface toolbar. The first wizard window displays the mandatory parameters for the transfer to occur.

In the toolbar, click to start the Send message wizard. Complete the mandatory fields in the Send message wizard. You can then complete the transfer or define additional parameters as explained below. Click:

  • Finish to complete the Send message process

After you click Finish in Wizard, processing begins. As long as Transfer CFT is running, a dialog box appears listing the current transfer details.

  • Next to access the Advance Settings tabs to further define the transfer

Send message wizard (step 1)





Partner name. The associated value of this parameter can be an identifier or a mask.



Message identifier.



Enter the message test to send to the partner.

Send message advanced settings

Use the Advanced Setting tabs to further define the message transfer parameters:

  1. Complete the mandatory fields in the Send message wizard window, and click Next. The Send message wizard (2) window is displayed.
  2. Enter advance setting parameters. For parameter details see the tables below.
  3. Click Finish to complete the process.

A pop-up box confirms the request and prompts you to either quit the Wizard, or continue with another request.

General parameters

The General parameters tab defines the most basic of the transfer details, such as the local transfer identifier.

You can define the following parameters in this window:


The Scheduling tab defines the time and date,as well as the recurrence of the message transfer. The scheduling task is divided into two categories:


The Identification tab defines the sending and receiving user parameters. Define the following parameters:


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