Log the CFT internal cache contents - MQUERY

This topic describes how to use the MQUERY command. This command queries a Transfer CFT buffer, or system, for relevant information and lists the results. Four types of MQUERY exist. The MQUERY adds the results of the command query to the log file.

To access the MQUERY command click the MQUERY icon in the GUI toolbar. Select from the following types of queries:

MQUERY menu Command function

Query of the catalog cache

Command to query CAT buffer.

Query of the command cache

Command to query COMMAND buffer.

Query of the DMZ cache

Command to query DMZ buffer.

Query of the Transfer CFT system dependent message

Command for system information (depends upon system type).

The query for the CFT component lists the search results in either a Full or Brief format. Click Execute to start the query. The results are listed in the Transfer CFT log.

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