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This book provides the command line operations that you can use to display the Transfer CFT Catalog contents. It begins with this introductory topic and is comprised of the topics listed in the table below.

Topic or sub-book


CFTCRON - Scheduled script execution

Describes CRONJOB which enables Transfer CFT to execute jobs at predetermined dates and times. These jobs can perform functions such as periodically scanning one or more directories and issuing a SEND.

DISPLAY - Catalog output display models

Describes how to use a predefined model to display the format for Catalog output.

LISTPART - List partner details

Describes how to view the partner characteristics (general or network characteristics), according to the selection criteria indicated in the command.

LISTCAT - List catalog contents

Describes how to filter and list catalog information.

LISTCAT - Brief catalog listing

Describes how to display a full listing of Catalog information.

LISTCAT - Full catalog listing

Describes how to display a full listing of Catalog information.

LISTCOM - List the Communication media

Describes how to list the communication media records in non-ciphered text, even if these records are ciphered.

SWAITCAT - Wait before processing

The SWAITCAT command enables a client (CFTUTIL/CAPI/...) to wait until a given transfer reaches a particular predefined state before acting.

Using Sentinel

Describes how Transfer CFT sends details about sent messages or transfers to Axway Sentinel which centralizes the tracking of transfers. In Axway Sentinel, you can create and execute requests that retrieve and display these details.


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