Sending a group of specified files: filename

This topic provides an example of sending a group of files, the names of which are listed in the specified file:


The specified name is the full name of a physical file, containing the list of files to be sent, list of physical file names, with one name per record.

The FNAME parameter can contain specific symbolic variables, such as &PART and &IDF.

The name of the indirection file is preceded by the <file-symb> character specific to each system. In most environments, the ‘#’ symbol is used .

Refer to the table of specific values in the Transfer CFT Operations Guide that corresponds to your operating system.

A catalog entry is created for each file. Each file is transferred in the same way as any other file.

Note the following about sending a group of files:

  • You can specify a list of directories to be sent in the indirection file. The copy/concatenation mechanism works in the same way for each directory as for the other generic send modes.
  • Do not mix files and directories in the same indirection file.

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