Transfer CFT file management

This topic describes the functions controlled by the Transfer CFT file management tab. The Transfer CFT file management tab is used to manually force a switch or purge of the Transfer CFT catalog and log and to select the CFTCOM.

CFTCOM commands are processed according to the parameters in the current CFTCOM. The current CFTCOM is the one that you select in the Default COM field of the CFT files management tab.

Commands and transfers that are affected by the current CFTCOM include:

  • Transfer command wizards
  • Delete catalog records
  • File management
  • Switch
  • Purge
  • Mquery

In the left pane object manager, double-click the CFT is not started/CFT started node to display the Administration window.

The fields displayed in the Transfer CFT files management tab are schematically illustrated in the following table.

Field Description

Communication media management

Default CFTCOM

This represents the Transfer CFT command media options.

Select the COM that you want to use to send commands CFTCOM.

LISTCOM button

The LISTCOM button displays the communication media contents for the selected CFTCOM.

Catalog Management


Deletes records from the catalog. This command deletes those records which have exceeded the retention time indicated in the Transfer CFT parameter setting CFTCAT.


Daily purge time selected by the user that can be applied to either the Flush or Purge command. Enter a time for the command to be performed or use the drop down menu to select the current time.

Selecting the *Set to actual time option automatically enters the current day and time and forces an immediate purge or flush.

Log Management


This command allows the operator to manually perform a switch for the log file. When switching files, the monitor executes the procedure defined by the EXEC parameter of the associated parameter setting command CFTLOG.

Account Management


This command allows the operator to manually perform a switch for the statistical file CFTACCNT.

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