Use the previous/next command

You can use the Up/Down Arrow keys as a shortcut to recall the previous or next command.

Partial word recognition

To retrieve a command you know, begin by typing the first characters of the command. CFTUTIL returns only the commands starting with those characters. For example type LI and press Tab, the commands LISTCAT, LISTLOG, LISTCOM display. You can then use the Up/Down Arrow keys to scroll the list.

Command-history settings

Use the following uconf parameters to manage the command-history settings.


Default value




Maximum number of commands that you can store.



Save and retrieve the commands from disk.


  • Win: %APPDATA%\cft\CftutilHistory.txt
  • Unix: $(HOME)/.cft_history

Name of the file containing the command history.

Modify the command list

The file containing the list of commands is a text file that you can edit or remove, and its location is defined in the cft.readline.history_fname parameter.

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