[SEGMENT     = { NO | YES }] Only in sender mode          Profile = ANY

Option to segment file records in several FPDUs.

This option is not negotiated.

  • NO: Segmentation "if necessary", which is automatically implemented when a record to be transferred is greater than the maximum size of an NSDU - 6 bytes. This relates to data FPDUs and not to the other protocol FPDUs.
    Remember that the size of NSDUs being sent is negotiated using the SRUSIZE parameter of CFTPROT.
  • YES (default): "Systematic" segmentation, which is implemented by Transfer CFT to complete a "data unit" (NSDU). This option relates to all record sizes, and is only effective if used with the option CONCAT = YES.

This value may only be adopted (SEGMENT = YES) with a Transfer CFT that supports concatenation of DTF (complete record) and DTFDA (start of record), DTFMA (middle of record) or DTFFA (end of record) FPDUs in a given data unit (NSDU).

In receiver mode, the Transfer CFT accepts the FPDUs of segmented records regardless of the local value of the SEGMENT parameter.

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