[SAPPL     =     string]

string8    PeSIT D CFT profile, PeSIT SIT profile, PeSIT E

string48 PeSIT E CFT/CFT

The identifier of the application sending the. Depending on the protocol profile, it is:

  • an eight-character string for PeSIT D CFT, PeSIT E, PeSIT SIT
  • a 48-character string for PeSIT E CFT/CFT

This parameter value is case sensitive in CFTUTIL commands if you enclose the value in " " quotes.

Transfer CFT does not check:

  • The relevance as regards the protocol to be used for the transfer. If the protocol used is PeSIT D Extern profile, or ODETTE, this parameter is not sent.
  • The maximum size permitted by the protocol. Only a check relative to the maximum size of 48 characters is performed.


In standard PeSIT E or PeSIT E CFT/CFT, the responder/sender partner can send and control this field.

In standard PeSIT E, this value is transported in the PI 03. Its maximum length is limited by the eight-character standard. The PI 03 contains this value concatenated with the value of the suser field.

In PeSIT E between two Transfer CFTs, the value of this SUSER parameter is transported in the PI 99, the value defined in the PI 03 being truncated to 8 characters.

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