Transfer CFT parameter index

All Transfer CFT parameters are listed in alphabetical order. Some parameters have different possible values depending on the object. Parameter definitions and values are listed by object name when this applies to a parameter.

Each parameter topic displays the command line format, a definition, limitations, and default values when applicable.


acb parameter (heading)

CFTNET  (command where the parameter is used)

[ACB = {ID value for this CFTNET | string}]  ( parameter format, where the underlined value is the default value)

The resource identified to the access method. The default value is defined by the ID value for the CFTNET object. (the parameter definition)

Transfer CFT naming conventions

Respect the following conventions when completing values for Transfer CFT object fields:

  • Date: 8-digit string in the YYYYMMDD format
  • File name: 512 characters comprised of the full path - meaning the drive, path, root, and suffix
    • The file system or operating system however imposes limitations such as unauthorized characters, length restrictions, and case sensitivity
  • Identifier: alphanumeric string of 1 to 32 characters
  • Mask : string containing wildcard characters (* and ?)
  • Time: 2 to 8-digit string in the HHMMSSSS

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