[OLRECL = {see the comment | n}]  {0..32768}

Output file record length.

For the following record formats, OLRECL is expressed in bytes:

  • Fixed format (ORECFM = F): output file record length
  • Variable format (FRECFM = V): maximum record length


  • Less than the actual length of the record to be written, the record is then truncated to the supplied length
  • Greater than the actual length of the record to be written and if:
  • The file is of fixed format (ORECFM=F), the record is padded with spaces, i.e. according to the value of the OCODE parameter: x‘20’ if OCODE = ASCII, x‘40’ if OCODE = EBCDIC
  • File not of fixed format
    This parameter is only meaningful when creating the file

Default values

If the output file:

  • Does not exist, value of ILRECL
  • Exists:
    • For systems handling the file record concept: actual size of the output file records
    • For the systems below not handling this concept:




      512 for text files (OTYPE=T, X or O).
      4096 for binary or variable files (OTYPE={B | V}).


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