[NLRECL = { FLRECL value | n}]

For records of:

  • fixed format (FRECFM = F) : size in bytes of the records of the receiver file
  • variable format (FRECFM = V) : maximum size in bytes of the records

When a file is sent, any record sent whose size is GREATER than the size declared by NLRECL, is truncated to the value of NLRECL.

For records of fixed format (FRECFM=F), if the size of the records to be sent is LESS than the value of NLRECL, these records are padded up to the value of NLRECL:

  • By binary zeros (x00) when the local data is declared as binary FCODE = BINARY
  • By spaces when the local data are declared as alphanumeric with:
  • CODE = ASCII: the space character is then equal to x‘20’

ODETTE: For the ODETTE protocol, refer to the Transfer CFT Protocol topics for more information on this parameter.

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