[IMPL  = { NO | YES}]

Implicit send.

When Transfer CFT operates in sender server mode and there is no SEND command (state=HOLD) entered in the catalog for this file identifier, the IMPL parameter set to "YES" allows the Transfer CFT to make available the corresponding file, by automatically generating a send request. This makes a file permanently available.

Caution   If the RECV command specifies an IDF in “identifier” form (no mask) and if the corresponding model files, at the server end, are declared in implicit send mode (IMPL = YES), the option FILE = ALL initiates an uninterrupted repetition of the transfer, concerning the first file waiting to be sent.

For the default model file, set this parameter to NO. You can define two CFTSEND objects with the same ID, with impl = NO for one and impl = YES for the other. Do this when the IDF is going to be used for implicit send rather than explicit send.

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