[IKPASSW = { string64 | filename } ]

Used in PKIUTIL.

This is the source file protection password, and must be specified for encrypted PEM (PKCS#5), PKCS#8 encrypted private key formats, PKCS#7, or for PKCS#12 certificate formats (for PKICER only).

There are two ways to specify the password:

  • By value: The value assigned to the parameter is used directly as a password.
  • By reference to a file: The value assigned to the parameter is the name of a file, the first record of which contains the password; in this case, the file name must be preceded by a # or @ sign depending on the OS. On Windows, for example, IKPASSW=#myfile where the password is specified in the myfile file; the first file record must contain the password in plain format.

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