Optionally you can enter a default identifier to use in the CFTRECV, CFTSEND, CFTXLATE, and CFTAPPL objects.

The default value is DEFAULT.

Default identifier (generically indicated as <defaut>) of the CFTRECV, CFTSEND, CFTXLATE and commands.


ID = <default> These commands specify the complementary default values of the RECV and SEND command parameters, when the transfer request IDF is not explicitly defined by a CFTRECV or CFTSEND command. The commands CFTRECV and CFTSEND ID = <defaut> are mandatory.

Note: the characteristics of the default model files (CFTSEND and CFTRECV with a default identifier) are, unlike the other model files, loaded into memory on Transfer CFT initialization. These characteristics are consequently STATIC parameters.

The use of the CFTRECV ID = <defaut> command may involve the reception of files of different sizes and formats. When the protocol allows, it is consequently best for the values of the parameters FSPACE, FRECFM, FORG (etc.) of this command not to be defined, so that Transfer CFT takes into account the actual values of the file received, as transferred by the protocol (see the features of each protocol).


ID = <defaut>
This command specifies the default translation tables, when not explicitly designated by the SEND/CFTSEND (or RECV/CFTRECV) and CFTPART commands. The command CFTXLATE ID = <defaut> is optional; if it is not included, the monitor internal translation tables are used (see their description in the appendix).

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